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Chris Dainty here from Dainty Productions, and welcome to the new blog about the cartoon Mock N' Boyd, directed by Chris Dainty and Rita Street. This blog is here to document the production of this new short that our companies Radar Cartoons and Dainty Productions is producing.

Created by Rita Street of Radar Cartoons, Mock n' Boyd is the story about a couple of dumb birds in a cage. Radar Cartoons hired Dainty productions to produce a 2 min cartoon of these two zany birds. When Rita told me about her idea at Kidscreen Summitt in NYC, it sounded like the perfect project for us to work on. Fun, cartoony, and lots of upbeat music was what she described and we havent looked back since. Rita created this great show bible, and once we had a look at it we knew it was just up our ally. This is the first design of Mock and Boyd that Rita did.

The Bio's of the bloggers of this Blog

(wow try saying that 5 times)

Rita Street

Rita Street is the president of Radar Cartoons, a boutique consultancy firm focusing on the needs of international animation studios, helping develop and sell her client’s original content onto American networks and into co-productions. In addition to brokering both studio and indie deals for her clients, Rita is the executive producer of Nelvana’s “Ruby Gloom: Happiest Girl in the World” for creators Mighty Fine and the co-producer of The Nicktoons Film Festival with Frederator Studios for the Nicktoons cable channel. Before opening Radar, Rita worked as a publisher, editor and journalist focusing on the industry of animation. She has served as the publisher of Animation Magazine, the editor of Film & Video Magazine and has also authored several books on graphic arts including the Rockport Publisher hardback, Computer Animation: A Whole New World. For the Art Institute of Pittsburgh she serves as a program advisory committee member for Game Art & Design. She has also served on several prestigious juries, most notably Austria's Prix Ars Electronica competition for excellence in computer animation and visual effects. Rita is the founder of the international non-profit organization, Women In Animation and a board member of ASIFA-Hollywood.

Chris Dainty

Chris Dainty resides in Ottawa, Canada and owns Dainty productions. Since 2001,Chris has been developing show concepts and animating cartoons. He graduated from Algonquin College’s Traditional Animation Program, where Chris honed his drawing skills.

Chris Dainty’s directed and produced the short “Emma Graves” which was featured in the 2006 Ottawa International Animation Festival. Chris also co-directed the documentary “Await the Freight”, which was aired on CBC in July, 2006. This work has enabled Chris to create a cutting edge style of storytelling that’s unique to the animation art form.

Kyle Marshall

Currently residing in Ottawa Canada, Kyle Marshall hails from the Saskatchewan prairies and has worked as a development artist, storyboard artist, and animator on a variety of productions ranging from television and music videos, to feature film.

Kyle's first animated short won various film festivals and was featured on the first Nicktoon's NickFest. He is currently working on his next short.

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