Sitting on the Perch

Wow, sorry its been so long since the last post. Well things in our production are going good. Here is one of the first set ups that we have done.

Gerry Duchemin did the clean up of the characters. His work is absolutely amazing! Gerry has worked with Dainty Productions on two other animated pieces, Emma Graves and on The Constellations. Gerry was an animator on both these projects and he's a great guy to work with. I first met Gerry at college. He was a year above me at the gong. Later we worked together on The Ren and Stimpy Show, and again on Carl Squared. Gerry is our main clean-up and character building guy. He is also one AMAZING animator, his stuff is always looks great.

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GerryD said...

Sniff, sniff... Thanks Chris, your swell comments warm my heart... It's been a pleasure. The colours look great by the way!